Extrication and Rescue Jack Training Day
By MVFA Webmaster
November 23, 2019

Today Sat 11/23/19, Mohegan FD (volunteer and career) trained at LMFD Station #3 (Furnace Woods Station) on various extrication techniques. Scenarios including stabilizing, lifting, utilizing various extrication tools to access “patients”. The first 2 scenarios were a “patient” that was trapped under a vehicle where firefighters had to stabilize the vehicle and lift the vehicle in order to remove the patient. The 3rd scenerio was a patient that was trapped in a van that rolled onto its side. In this scenario, firefighters stabilized the vehicle to allow a firefighter to access the vehicle to begin patient care. During this, firefighters then removed the side of the van using an air chisel and metal rescue saw to remove the patient. The 4th scenerio was a “patient” trapped upside down in vehicle. Firefighters first stabilized the vehicle, then lifted the vehicle, then cut the roof off the vehicle to allow access to the “patient” that was still buckled into the driver seat. The patient was then removed from the vehicle. The last scenerio of the day involved stabilizing a utility pole that crushed on top of the vehicle. This utility pole represented many challenges that we face including trees, utility poles, I beams, or any other object that could crush a vehicle. First, firefighters stabilized the object, in this case the utility pole, then raised the object off the roof to access the vehicle. Firefighters then removed the doors, windshield, and roof to gain access to the passenger compartment. This was great training and we thank Con Edison for donating a utility pole to our department for training.