9/11 Memorial Services
By MVFA Webmaster
September 11, 2019

On Wednesday evening 9/11/19 at 7pm, the Mohegan FD held our annual September 11th Memorial Service at the site of our 9/11 Memorial located at Mohegan FD Station #2 (Jefferson Valley Fire Station) on Lee Blvd in Yorktown. The service was well attended with members representing the Mohegan FD, Mohegan Vol. Fire Assoc. VAC, Town of Yorktown dignitaries, local cub scouts/boy scouts, and members of the public. The service reflected on the events of that tragic day with vows from all of us to never forget! The Memorial at LMFD Station #2 is based around steel that has been recovered from the World Trade Center and is our permanent memorial which was dedicated in 2011 on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. Taps were played during this service and speeches were also presented by President Andrew Cerrato, Firefighter Sam Stretz, and dignitaries from the Town of Yorktown. Please let us all honor those who were killed that tragic day. Photos are courtesy of Gus Stretz. May we never forget! Prior to our 9/11Memorial Service, Mohegan FD also attended the Town of Yorktown 9/11 Memorial Service at 5pm located at the 9/11 Memorial Gazebo at the John C. Hart Memorial Library on East Main St in Shrub Oak. Those photos of Shrub Oak Memorial Service are courtesy of Beth Dee and Mohegan FD Memorial Service are courtesy of FF Gus Stretz.