Apparatus Displayed at Sunset Market
By MVFA Webmaster
July 25, 2019

This evening Thursday 7/25/19, Mohegan FD (Volunteer and Career) were on hand for the Sunset Market event which was located at the Jefferson Valley Mall on Lee Blvd in Yorktown. Thousands of people attended this event and were shopping at the various venders, listening to live bands, looking at classic cars, enjoying children’s rides/entertainment, and enjoying food/beverages. This was a great public relations event to show off who we are and what we do! Apparatus on hand were Car 2261, 2262, Engine 252, and Engine 255. Mohegan Volunteer Fire Association Volunteer Ambulance Corps 69B3 was also on hand for this event and both agencies were set up next to the American Red Cross booth. This event started at 5pm and ran until 8:30pm, when a children’s movie was played on the blowup movie screen. This event is held during the months of June, July, and August. We thank Assistant Chief Gravius, Captain Hirsch, Captain Eade, and Lieutenant Mulcahy who helped organize our attendance and were on hand with numerous members showing off our equipment and letting kids and adults inside the apparatus and explaining what we do. We look forward to this event again next month!