Mohegan FD Acquires 2 FAST Boards
By MVFA Webmaster
June 29, 2019

Yesterday Saturday 6/29/19, Mohegan FD (volunteer and career) began hands on training at LMFD Station 3 (Furnace Woods Station) on our newly purchased FAST Rescue Solutions FAST Boards. We were able to purchase 2 of these devices to supplement our 2 sets of FAS-Team equipment. These FAST Board devices are designed to assist in the quick removal of a downed firefighter from a structure fire or hazardous environment. Our members were taught how the device works, how to package a firefighter for removal, how to drag the device with a down firefighter, and also taught how to lower the downed firefighter down a ground ladder from a window at our bailout training tower. Once these training evolutions were complete at LMFD Station 3, we moved to LMFD Station 2 (Jefferson Valley Station), where the training continued and members were taught how to remove a down firefighter up and down a staircase, which is extremely common to encounter. This new equipment also has the capabilities for victim rescue in ice and water emergencies. Once the entire FAS-Team is trained on this new equipment, the equipment will be placed into service. This equipment is leading edge technology in FAS-Team/RIT Operations and allows us to continually train and upgrade equipment and concepts. We would like to thank NorthEast Squad Concepts for teaching us this training yesterday. We would also like to thank the Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department for introducing our Chiefs and Officers to this equipment and allowing us to see a hand-on demonstration of this equipment a few months ago. This allowed us to push ourselves to buy this equipment. Croton FD’s FAS-Team also has these FAST Boards, which will allow us to share training and on scene operations because of identical equipment. Photos are courtesy of Chief DeChent.