Snow Standby at Headquarters
February 13, 2024

Since midnight Tues 2/13/24, Mohegan FD has been on standby at our Headquarters on Rt 6 due to the snowstorm. Because our members are volunteers, they generally respond directly to scenes from home or other locations in their personal vehicles. When inclement weather is forecasted, a "standby" is sometimes called depending on the severity of the storm or roadway conditions. This allows our volunteers to report to the firehouse ahead of time and respond on apparatus with our district’s career personnel. This decreases response times of our members responding to scenes in their vehicles and allows them to keep their personal vehicles off the roadways, especially in treacherous conditions. During standbys, there could be down time between calls to hang out together and have some meals. This bonding is extremely important in the fire service.

If you're interested in joining, to help your neighbors, stop by our Headquaters to find out more information and pick up an application to join!