Ladder 35 Relocates to Montrose FD
April 13, 2023

On Thursday 4/18/23 at approximately 3:45pm, Mohegan FD was requested to relocate 2 ladder to Montrose FD while Montrose FD operated at a brush fire. Mohegan FD Car 226-47, 226-10, Ladder 35, and Utility 80 relocated and covered Montrose FD along with Millwood FD Car 2252 and Engine 247. Due to the brush fire being approximately 40 acres, Millwood FD was then requested to the scene, along with numerous FD’s from throughout Westchester and Putnam Counties. Mount Kisco FD then relocated with Car 2284 and Engine 104 to cover with us. Mohegan FD was released from this standby at approximately 7pm.

Units: Car 226-47, 226-10, Ladder 35, Utility 80