Natural Gas Line Struck
February 13, 2023

On Monday morning 2/13/23 at approximately 11:30am, Mohegan FD was dispatched to Douglas Mowbray Rd on Cortlandt fire a reported contractor strike to a gas line. Upon arrival of Mohegan FD, an active natural gas leak was found from a backhoe striking the line in the street. Due to the leak and odor of natural gas in the vicinity, Engine 254 and Engine 256 staged on John Dorsey Dr and one 1 3/4” hoseline was stretched from Engine 254 and a 5” supply hose was stretched to a nearby hydrant. Ladder 10 staged on Douglas Mowbray Rd on the opposite side of the leak. Con Edison Gas was requested to the scene. Mohegan Firefighters stoodby and checked the nearby residence for potential gas readings. No readings or odor of gas was found in the residence. Firefighters continued to secure the area until Con Edison Gas arrived and turned off the leak. Once the natural gas line was capped off and the leak was stopped, Mohegan Firefighters and Con Edison Gas worked along side eachother to meter and check a total of 4 closeby residences to ensure there was no spread of natural gas. All the residences were cleared with no readings on meters or odor of gas. Mohegan FD cleared the scene by 12:45pm and turned over the scene to Con Edison Gas and Town of Cortlandt Highway Dept for repairs.

Units: Car 2261, 2263, 2265, 2269, 22610, Engine 254, Engine 256, Ladder 10, Rescue 32, Utility 80