MVA Prompts Hazmat Response
February 6, 2023

On Monday 2/6/23 at 10:25am, Mohegan FD responded along with Mohegan EMS, Yorktown/Empress Paramedics, and Yorktown Police to a motor vehicle accident with injuries at Route 6 and Strawberry Rd in Mohegan Lake. Upon arrival, a 2 vehicle accident was found involving a tractor trailer with a ruptured 55 gallon saddle diesal tank that was leaking. A large fuel spill was found with approximately 30 gallons of diesel fuel that already spilled onto the roadway and the tank still leaking. Due to this, the Westchester County Dept of Emergency Services Hazmat Team was special called to the scene to assist. Mohegan EMS tended to the injured person, while Mohegan Firefighters began to mitigate the large fuel spill. 20 bags of speedy dry absorbent, multiple absorbent pads, and absorbent booms were applied to the roadway to prevent any further fluid spread and runoff. Plug and dike material was also applied to the ruptured diesal saddle tank to slow the leak. Upon arrival of WCDES Special Operations Chief 2001 and Hazmat 1, WCDES Hazmat members assisted with the leaking diesal tank to attempt to furthe stop the leak. Due to the severe damage to the tank and connection the the other 55 gallon diesal saddle tank, the transfer of diesal fuel from the tank into drums was the best course of action to prevent further leaking. During this operation, Mohegan FD Fire-Police members assisted with the road closure. Once the leak was mitigated, the scene was turned over to a contracted environmental cleanup company. All Mohegan FD units cleared by 1:45pm.

Units: Car 2261, 2269, Engine 256, Engine 258, Rescue 32, Utility 18, Utility 50
Mutual Aid: WCDES Special Operations Car 2001, Hazmat 1