Extreme Weather Causes Call Volume Spike
February 5, 2023

This weekend Friday afternoon 2/3/23 through Sunday afternoon 2/5/23, the Mohegan FD responded to numerous incidents throughout the fire district. This spike was caused mostly due to extreme cold weather and high winds. The following is a list of alarms that Mohegan FD responded to:

Friday 2/3/23:
4:09pm- Tree and Wires Down on Morris Lane
4:15pm- Tree Down on Wires Blocking Road on Lexington Avenue
4:15pm- Tree Down Blocking Baron De Hirsch Road
4:15pm- Residential Fire Alarm on Sandpiper Court (alarm set off due to power loss)
5:07pm- Hazardous Condition (Tree Leaning) on Lakeview Avenue West
8:38pm- Residential Alarm on Flanders Drive
8:52pm- Residential Carbon Dioxide Alarm on Cornwall Circle
10:46pm- Commerical Fire Alarm on Rick Lane (set off due to power loss to building due to tree and wires down in front of building)

Saturday 2/4/23:
4:16am- Residential Fire Alarm on Habitat Lane
12:23pm- Commericial Fire Alarm on Lexington Avenue
12:28pm- Water Condition on Hill Boulevard (set off due to sprinkler pipe burst)
12:44pm- Structural Fire on North Deerfield Avenue (small extinguished fire from homeowner thawing frozen pipe)
2:16pm- Animal Problem (Swan Stuck on Ice on Mohegan Lake- swan flew off unharmed)
2:35pm- Commerical Fire Alarm on Oregon Road (set off due to sprinkler pipe burst)
3:25pm- Commerical Fire Alarm on Furnace Woods Road (set off due to multiple water pipe bursts, ventilation of high amounts of steam in classrooms)
3:27pm- Residential Fire Alarm on Union Road
4:58pm- Home Heating Fuel Leak on Sunnyside Street (Assistance from Westcheter County Department of Emergency Services)
5:32pm- Commerical Fire Alarm On Bank Road (set of due to sprinkler pipe burst)

Sunday 2/5/23:
9:36am- Water Service Line Leak on East Main Street (Route 6)
5:29pm- Motor Vehicle Accident Rollover with Confirmed Entrapment on Croton Avenue

We thank all those who assisted us this weekend including:
-Town of Yorktown Code Enforcement/Building Department
-Town of Cortlandt Code Enforcement/Building Department
-Town of Cortlandt Water Department
-Westchester County Department of Emergency Services Special Operations
-Yorktown Police Department
-Westchester County Police
-New York State Police
- New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Units: Car 2261, 2262, 2263, 2264, 2265, 2266, 2267, 226-10, 2260, 2269, Engine 254, Engine 255, Engine 256, Engine 258, Ladder 10, Ladder 35, Rescue 32, Utility 18, Utility 50, Utility 80