Engine and Ladder Respond to Peekskill
June 27, 2022

Early Monday morning 6/27/22, at approximately 12:45am, Mohegan FD was requested to assist the City of Peekskill FD at the scene of a large commercial fire on Highland Avenue in the city. Mohegan FD Car 2261, 226-40, 2267, 22610, and Ladder 35 responded shortly after dispatch. Upon arrival, Ladder 35 set up in the front of the building on Constant Avenue. Mohegan Firefighters assisted on scene with extinguishment by utilizing hoselines and also set up Ladder 35’s aerial ladder. Ladder 35 was fed water from both Peekskill FD Engine 131 and Continental Village FD Engine 231. Due to this large fire, Peekskill FD special requested Mohegan FD Engine 256 and all additional manpower to the scene to assist with extinguishment and relay pumping from a fire hydrant 1,200 feet away at Nelson Ave and Constant Ave. Mohegan FD Car 2263 and Engine 256 responded to that location and pumped from the hydrant to CVFD Engine 231. Utility 80 also responded to the scene with our hose roller to assist with re-packing large amounts of supply hose. All Mohegan FD units cleared the scene by 5am. Verplanck FD Car 2491 and Tower Ladder 46 relocated to cover Mohegan FD during this fire with its aerial ladder and manpower. Other dept’s assisting on scene were Croton FD, Yorktown FD, Montrose FD, Continental Village FD, Millwood FD, Montrose VA FD, Peekskill EMS, Peekskill PD, Peekskill OEM, and Westchester County Dept Emergency Services assets.

Units: Car 2261, 2263, 226-40, 2267, 22610, Engine 256, Ladder 35, Utility 80