Standpipe Training at HVHC
By MVFA Webmaster
June 19, 2021

On Saturday 6/19/21, Mohegan FD (volunteer and career) trained at the parking garage at the Hudson Valley Hospital on Crompond Rd (Rt 202/35) on standpipe operations. Due to the parking garage multiple levels and open to the outside, we could actually flow water through the standpipe system to train. Firefighters utilized a nearby hydrant and Engine 258 fed the Fire Dept Connection (FDC) to supply water and charge the standpipe system. Firefighters used our high rise packs and set up in the stairwell below the simulated fire floor and stretched a charged hoselines up and into the parking garage and flow water. Our firefighters trained on every aspect of setting up for standpipe/high rise operation including knowing the water water pressure and radio communication from the hose team to the valve control to the apparatus operator. With numerous facilities and buildings in our district with standpipes plus high rises in our mutual aid areas, this training was very important. It was a great day for training and we thank HVHC for allowing us the opportunity to train!