Large Chemical Leak Leads to Hazmat Response
By MVFA Webmaster
May 28, 2021

On Friday 5/28/21 at 4:15pm, Mohegan FD (volunteer and career) was requested to respond to the Shrub Oak Pool on Sunnyside Ave in Shrub Oak for a reported large liquid chlorine leak. Upon arrival, units found approximately 1,200 gallons of liquid sodium hypochlorite that leaked from a storage tank and was safely contained in the building's containment area. Due to large quantity of spilled liquid, the Westchester County Dept of Emergency Services Hazardous Materials Response Team was immediately requested to the scene. Other resources requested were the New York City Dept of Environmental Protection Hazmat Response unit, Westchester County Health Dept, and New York State Dept of Environmental Conservation. Mohegan EMS 69B2 and Peekskill EMS 7506/Rehab Unit were also requested to the scene for prolonged operations and rehab purposes. WCDES Hazmat technicians suited up and investigated further to confirm there was no further leak and that the product was contained. Mohegan Firefighters stood by with one 1 3/4" hoseline at a decontamination station that was set up for the Hazmat Team. Putnam Valley FD Car 24-1-1 and Engine 24-2-2 relocated and covered 4 additional fire/rescue related calls in our district. Once a private hazmat/chemical cleanup company arrived on scene, all units cleared the scene by 10pm. Due to the amount of emergency apparatus and personnel on scene, the Shrub Oak Memorial Park was temporarily closed and there was no risk or hazard to the public at any time.

Units operating on scene were:

Mohegan FD:
Car 2261, 2263, 226-40, 2265, 2269, 22610, Engine 252, Ladder 10, Rescue 32, Utility 18, Utility 80

Westchester County Dept of Emergency Services:
Car 2001, Battalion 17, Hazmat 1

New York City Dept of Environmental Protection:
Hazardous Materials Response Unit

Mohegan EMS: 69B2

Peekskill EMS:

Town of Yorktown:
Police Dept, Parks Dept, Highway Dept, Town Officials

Putnam Valley FD (relocate to Mohegan FD Headquarters):
Car 24-1-1, Engine 24-2-2