Ladder 10 Relocates to Yorktown FD
By MVFA Webmaster
May 26, 2019

On Sunday 5/26/19 at approximately 5:55pm, Mohegan FD was requested to relocate 1 ladder to Yorktown FD. Mohegan FD Car 2262, 2266, and Ladder 10 with a crew of 9 members relocated and stood by at Yorktown Heights FD Station #1 on Commerce St. Mount Kisco FD Engine 104 also relocated during this incident. Yorktown FD was operating at a structure fire in their district with mutual aid from Bedford Hills FD, Somers FD, and Mohegan Volunteer Fire Association Volunteer Ambulance Corps. During the standby, Mohegan FD 2261, Engine 252, Engine 256, Ladder 35 and Rescue 32 with other members handled a commercial fire alarm in our own district during this standby. Mohegan FD returned from this standby at 7:30pm.

Units: Car 2262, 2266, and Ladder 10