Yorktown Candy Cane Run Rescheduled for Sunday, December 9
By Vice President Anita Hecker
December 9, 2018

Due to a structure fire on Saturday, December 8th Santa and his helpers were unable to visit some of our Yorktown Residents.
We have RESCHEDULED this visit for SUNDAY, DECMEBER 9th - Please find the schedule below:

9:00am Westminister Rd. & Buckingham Dr. (corner of)
9:10am Woodlands Dr. (Hunter Brook Tennis Courts)
9:20am London Rd. (London Woods Development) to N. Deerfield Ave
9:30am Rachel Dr. & Ronit Ct. (corner of)
9:40am N. Deerfield Ave. & Challinor Dr. (corner of)
9:50am Challinor Dr. & Barkley Ln (corner of)
10:00am Oakside Rd. & Challinor Dr. (corner of)
10:10am Oakside Rd. & Peter Lane (corner of)
10:20am Oakside Rd. & N. Deerfield Ave (corner of)
10:30am N. Deerfield Ave & Glenwood Rd. (corner of)
10:40am Strang Blvde & Glenwood Rd. (corner of)
10:50am Jefferson Woods Apartments (Strang Blvd)