Severe Weather Causes Numerous Runs
By MVFA Webmaster
July 16, 2018

On Monday 7/16/18, the area received severe weather that caused significant rainfall. Due to the extreme weather and extremely heavy rainfall, we responded to numerous fire/rescue calls throughout our district. The pictures below were taken at Rt 6 (East Main St) and Locust Ave, where the traffic signal is not operating from a electric outage and our units assisted New York State Police with traffic control after the storm was already over. Here are the fire/rescue calls for this evening:

1) 4:24pm- Birch Brook Rd (Cortlandt): Water Condition
2) 5:07pm- Briarhill St (Mohegan Lake): Carbon Monoxide Detector Activation
3) 5:31pm- Greenlawn Rd (Cortlandt): Residential Fire Alarm Activation
4) 5:57pm- Frederick St (Cortlandt): Water Condition/Flooded Neighborhood
5) 6:02pm- N. 2nd St (Cortlandt): Carbon Monoxide Detector Activation and Water Condition
6) 6:03pm- Valleyview St (Mohegan Lake): Tree and Electric Wires Down and Burning
7) 6:12pm- Millington Rd (Cortlandt): Water Condition
8) 6:27pm- Rt. 6 (E. Main St) and Locust Ave: Assist NYSP with Traffic Control
9) 6:31pm- Strawberry Rd (Mohegan Lake): Water Condition and Alarm Sounding
10) 9:01pm- Bainbridge Rd (Cortlandt): Wires Down and Burning