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2017 Candy Cane Run Schedule
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By MVFA Webmaster
November 14, 2017

The Mohegan Volunteer Fire Association is proud to announce that the 2017 Candy Cane Runs will be held on Saturday December 9, 2017 and Sunday December 10, 2017. For those who do not know what this is, this is a time where we, Mohegan Firefighters, escort Santa Claus around the Lake Mohegan Fire District by Fire Truck to hand out candy canes to the children. This year's schedule has been completely revamped with major changes! Please look over this schedule carefully due to these changes. We ask that all children are at the designated locations approximately 15 minutes prior to arrival times to avoid children running near the fire trucks and in the streets. Please be advised that all the times could be delayed due to any fire/rescue or emergency medical calls that we must respond to. We wish a safe and healthy holiday season to everyone! In case of inclement weather, the runs will be rescheduled and held on Saturday December 16, 2017 and Sunday December 17, 2017. Any questions, please contact Assistant Chief Chris Gravius at

Lake Mohegan Fire District
Candy Cane Run
Saturday December 9, 2017
Town Of Yorktown Truck# 1

9:00 Curry St into Gay Ridge Rd (new development)
9:15 Curry St and Juniper Dr (corner of)
9:20 Curry St and Timberlane Ct (corner of)
9:25 Curry St and Jefferson Ct (corner of)
9:30 Weskora Rd and Somerston Rd (corner of)
9:35 Somerston Rd and Flanders Dr (corner of)
9:40 Flanders Dr
9:55 Tulip Dr and Katrina Dr (corner of)
10:00 Katrina Dr and Andrea Rd (corner of)
10:05 Andrea Rd to Deerhaunt St
10:10 Fox Croft La to Lorelei Dr
10:20 Fairview Ave to Munson Pl and Lewis Ave
10:40 Wildwood St and Wildwood Ct (around loop)
10:45 Delano Rd and Suncrest Ave (corner of)
10:50 Suncrest Ave to Wren Pl
10:55 Suncrest Ave to Wildwood St
11:00 Wildwood St and Swed Circle (corner of)
11:10 Wildwood St and Edge Hill Rd (corner of)
11:15 Rt 132 to Parkway Dr
11:25 Parkway Dr and Overlook Ave (corner of)
11:45 Return to Firehouse
1:15 Eleanor Dr and Cross Rd (corner of)
1:20 Cross Rd and Hudsonview St (corner of)
1:25 Cross Rd and Briar Hill St (corner of)
1:30 Briar Hill St and Dover St (corner of)
1:35 Dover St and Chesterfield Ct (corner of)
1:40 Blackberry Estates to Cranberry Ln
1:50 Williams Dr and Mountain Brook Rd (corner of)
2:10 Sunnyside St to Dempster Rd
2:35 Jefferson Valley Bowl (E. Main St and Hill Blvd)
2:50 High Meadow Complex and Hill Blvd
3:00 Jefferson Valley Firehouse (Hill Blvd and Lee Blvd)
3:25 Lakeside Colony Condos Clubhouse
3:40 Lakeside Colony into Old Yorktown Village

Lake Mohegan Fire District
Candy Cane Run
Saturday December 9, 2017
Town Of Yorktown Truck# 2

9:00 New Chalet Condos Clubhouse
9:15 Decatur Rd to Cabot La
9:20 Horton Rd and Lincoln Dr (corner of)
9:25 Lincoln Dr and Parmly Rd (corner of)
9:40 Mohegan Ave and Christine Rd (corner of)
9:50 Christine Rd and Lookout St (corner of)
10:00 Lookout St and Nabby Hill (corner of)
10:05 Nabby Hill and Tamarac St (corner of)
10:10 Mohegan Ave and Lakeshore Dr (corner of)
10:15 Mohegan Ave and Sagamore Ave (corner of)
10:20 Delaware Rd and Cooper St (corner of)
10:30 Ivy Rd and Arch Dr (around loop)
10:35 Stoney St and Audra Ct (corner of)
10:40 Stoney St and Sunnyridge Rd (corner of)
10:50 Sunnyridge Estates
11:00 Judy Rd and Shelly St (corner of)
11:10 Shelly St and Spruce St (to turnaround)
11:20 Shelly St and Amelia Dr (corner of)
11:25 Winding Ct and Deer Hollow Estates (corner of)
11:30 Crompond Crossing
11:40 Mill Pond Rd and Bound Brook La (corner of)
11:50 Morris La and Fox Hall St (corner of)
1:15 Canterbury Crossing
1:25 Hunter Brook Condos Tennis Courts
1:35 London Woods Development
1:45 Oakside Rd and Strang Blvd (corner of)
1:55 Jefferson Woods Condos
2:05 Strang Blvd and Glenwood Rd (corner of)
2:10 Glenwood Rd and N. Deerfield Ave (corner of)
2:15 N. Deerfield Ave and Challinor Dr (corner of)
2:20 Rachel Dr and Ronit Ct (corner of)
2:25 Ronit Ct to Turnaround
2:30 Challinor Dr and Barkley La (corner of)
2:40 Oakside Rd to Peter La (corner of)
2:55 Union Rd and Buckhorn St (corner of)
3:05 James St and Glen Rd (corner of)
3:10 Glen Rd and Frost Rd (corner of)
3:15 Glen Rd and Dane St (corner of)
3:20 Glen Rd to Stoney St
3:30 Stonegate Apts

Lake Mohegan Fire District
Candy Cane Run
Sunday December 10, 2017
Town Of Cortlandt Truck# 1

9:00 Townsend Rd and Briar La (corner of)
9:10 Lincoln Ave and Newman Ct (corner of)
9:20 Crompond Post Office
9:30 Forest Ave to Emery Hill Gardens
9:50 Shipley Dr
9:55 Douglas Mowbray Dr and John Dorsey Dr
10:00 Tamarack Dr
10:10 Buttonwood Ave
10:20 Conklin Ave and Adrian Ct
10:25 Ogden Ave and Taylor Ave
10:30 Parkway Dr
10:35 Highland Dr and Crescent Dr
10:45 Dirubbo Dr
10:50 Jerome Dr and Rita Dr
11:00 Baker St and Cardoza Ave (corner of)
11:15 Return to Firehouse
1:00 Quarry Acres Clubhouse
1:30 Peachwood Estates
1:45 Lynwood Gardens
1:55 Apple Hill Estates
2:00 Cortlandt Ridge
2:15 Furnace Woods Firehouse (Croton Ave)
2:30 Meadowsweet Rd (all streets)
2:45 Croton Ave and Natalie Ct (corner of)
2:55 Maple Ave and Kent Dr (corner of)
3:00 Cross Rd and Rosylyn Ct (corner of)
3:05 Cross Rd and Shaw Highway (corner of)
3:10 Hill and Dale Rd and Red Oak La (corner of)
3:15 Hill and Dale Rd and Diamond Ave (corner of)
3:20 Cortlandt Chase to Cortlandt Estates (Dimond Ave up to old section)
3:45 Greenlawn Rd to Lafayette Ave

Lake Mohegan Fire District
Candy Cane Run
Sunday December 10, 2017
Town Of Cortlandt Truck# 2

9:00 McArthur Blvd and Wheeler Dr (corner of)
9:05 Wheeler Dr to Hood Pl
9:10 Hood Pl and Udell Ct (corner of)
9:15 Wheeler Dr and Lockwood Rd (corner of)
9:20 Lockwood Rd to Woodlands Blvd
9:30 Trolley Rd and East Hill Rd (corner of)
9:40 Sherwood Rd (to turnaround)
9:50 School St
10:00 Hollowbrook Firehouse (Oregon Rd)
10:10 Hollowbrook Mews Condos Clubhouse
10:20 Root St and Hollowbrook Ct (corner of)
10:30 Oregon Rd and Aberdeen Rd (corner of)
10:35 Varian Rd and Alpine Dr (corner of)
10:40 Alpine Dr to Terrace Pl
10:45 Alpine Dr and Aldar Ct (corner of)
10:50 Spring La to Knollwood Rd
10:55 Adams Rush Rd
11:00 Durrin Ave
11:10 Cross Creek Condos
11:20 Catherine St and Stevenson Ave (corner of)
11:25 Gilbert St and Revolutionary Rd (corner of)
11:30 The Oval and Waterbury Pkwy (corner of)
11:35 Waterbury Pkwy and Gabriel Dr (corner of)
11:45 Return to Firehouse
1:00 Lake Allandale (all streets)
1:25 Millington Rd and Bainbridge Rd (corner of)
1:40 Cynthia Rd
1:45 Ely Rd
1:50 Laurie Rd
1:55 Jo Dr (to turnaround)
2:00 Fawn Ridge Dr to Wintrop Dr
2:10 Wild Birch Farms Poolhouse
2:20 Wintrop Dr and Birch La (corner of)
2:30 Town of Cortlandt Community Center (Westbrook Dr)
2:55 Red Mill Rd into Stonewall Ct
2:45 Red Mill Rd into Mill Ct
3:00 Clover Rd to Lakeland St

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